10 Ways to Raise Happier Kids

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If you want to know how to raise happier children, there is an excellent overview article on Time: How to Raise Happy Kids: 10 Steps Backed by Science.

  1. Get Happy Yourself – because happy parent = happy kids
  2. Teach Them To Build Relationships
  3. Expect Effort, Not Perfection – this has also been discussed in Nurture Shock: the Inverse Power of Praise, which discusses the importance of focusing on effort rather than ability
  4. Teach Optimism
  5. Teach Emotional Intelligence – be comfortable with your own emotions, track your child’s emotions, label your child’s emotions, face your child’s emotions, and have empathy
  6. Form Happiness Habits – work on one habit at a time.
  7. Teach Self-Discipline – and we’re back to self-control and the marshmallow test
  8. More Playtime – we also wrote about it in “The Power of Play – Why Play is Important for Healthy Child Development
  9. Rig Their Environment For Happiness – in a nutshell, get rid of the idiot box.
  10. Eat Dinner Together – not a difficult one to follow when you’re Chinese since everything revolves around food

Read the full article here.

If you want even more detail, you can also refer to Christine Carter’s book “Raising Happiness“. Here is the contents of the book, which should look familiar:

Raising Happiness Contents

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