Activities to Develop Working Memory

We know that executive function is important for predicting future success in children and that executive function is closely linked to self-control – another predictor for future success. One of the executive functions is working memory which can be strengthened with brain exercises.

You can also find brain exercises on Lumosity that specifically target working memory:

  • Memory Match
  • Monster Garden
  • Rhyme Workout
  • Memory Match Overload
  • Memory Lane

Memory Match

Lumosity - Memory Match

Monster Garden

In this exercise, you are shown the locations of several monsters. The monsters are hidden and you have to find a safe path to the flower without stepping on the monsters.

Rhyme Workout

Lumosity - Rhyme Workout

There are three levels in Rhyme workout – 1-back, 2-back, and 3-back. You have to remember if the current word card rhymes with the previous card (1-back), the word two cards back (2-back), or the word three cards back (3-back).

Memory Match Overload

Lumosity - Memory Match Overload

Memory Lane

Lumosity - Memory Lane

This exercise trains audio and visual memory. It also has 3 levels – 1-back, 2-back, or 3-back. You have to remember the position of the person and the letter that was spoken.

Lumosity membership can be purchased for a single individual or family.

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