Apps: Dr Panda by TribePlay

Every now and again, we stumble upon an app that Hercules is absolutely nuts about so we write about it. Recently, Hercules’ new favourite series of apps is one by TribePlay, called Dr Panda…

Dr Panda’s Apps:

Dr Panda’s Apps are fun, engaging and educational, teaching children about life and the world around them. For instance, Dr Panda’s Airport takes your child through the inner workings of an airport from stamping the passports at customs to loading the luggage correctly onto the right plane to helping the planes land safely.

Dr panda Airport

In Dr Panda’s Restaurant, children will get the chance to handle the operations of their very own restaurant as they learn how to prepare and serve food, decorate the dining rooms, clean the tables, and recycle the garbage.

Dr panda restaurant

In Dr Panda’s Veggie Garden, they will learn how to cultivate and harvest fruits and vegetables.

Dr panda veggie garden



Dr Panda Apps won the Children’s Tech Review Editor’s Choice Award and has been the No. 1 educational app on App Store in 18 countries, including Germany, France, Netherlands, Switzerland and Spain.

Dr Panda Apps are Kid-Safe with no in-app advertising or in-app purchases.

Dr Panda apps range from $0.99 to $2.99. You can also try a few of the apps for free.

To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Dr Panda’s Hospital, TribePlay has made the full version of this app available for free. I don’t know how long this offer will last so quickly download it!

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