Apps for Right Brain Education

We’ve written about right brain education apps previously but I thought it was time for an update since there are a lot more available now that did not exist before. The apps below feature some of the activities covered in a typical Heguru class.

1. Mandala Practice:

2. Space Memory/Linking Memory

3. Flashcards

4. Music

  • Piano Perfect Pitch Game – it’s a game that teaches your child the difference between the seven pitches of the Solfège C major scale and complex concepts like absolute pitch, interval, scale degrees, and chord structures.
  • Young Music Genius – features 24 instruments and 24 classical composers. Your child will be taught to recognise the different sounds of these instruments and famous musical pieces by these composers.
  • Instruments 360 – teaches children the sounds, names and images of 49 different musical instruments.

5. Tangrams/Iroita

6. Number Memory

7. Activities – Heguru classes cover a number of activities like puzzles, spot the difference, dot-to-dot, etc.

8. Songs – in Heguru classes, they often play songs for the kids to listen to. Here are a couple of apps with songs that my boys have enjoyed…

Right Brain Education Apps:

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