Apps: Memory Magic Superflash for iPad

Mercury Learning Systems have just released their Superflash App for iPad on Animals Around the World.

Superflash Animals

This is the first of 5 apps to be released:

About Superflash Apps

Developed by the makers of the multiple award-winning Super Flash CD games, these apps utilise unique accelerated learning techniques inspired by experts in whole-brain education. They are excellent for almost any age or learning ability and are a perfect learning companion for many teachers and parents around the world.

They help develop:

  • Instant object/word/sound association and recognition
  • Photographic memory and rapid memory recall
  • Encyclopedic knowledge and vocabulary
  • Increased self-esteem and positive attitude
  • Ability to learn any school subject faster and better

Features and Options:

  • Children learn about common and unusual animals and creatures from around the world using proper stimulation methods for unlocking maximum learning potential
  • Five categories of objects (separate apps): Animals From Around the World, Foods From Around the World, Sports Equipment and Games, Musical Instruments, and Tools and Instruments
  • Uses undistorted photographic objects with no background (best for brain development and memory retention)
  • Play using one or more of the following flashing methods: Objects, names, audio names, audio facts
  • Find game
  • Auto-scoring
  • 1-4 players
  • Sequential or random sets play (90 objects)
  • 1-10 flashing items per round
  • Fast-play instructions
  • Viewable/printable instructions for playing these games in many different ways
  • Information about this accelerated learning method
  • Two sizes of 180 printable playing cards with interesting facts on the backs
  • Printable game charts to log your child’s learning progress
  • Five printable accelerated learning award certificates to present to your children as they excel with the games

Suggestions for Playing Superflash:

  1. Playing with toddlers and young children: Here is a suggestion from one of the development team members who started playing Super Flash with an 2-year-old who was visiting his friends. What worked the best: Just play one object at a time and then go to the Find game to find that object. Don’t play more than one object until you feel she/he is ready. He played the app with the toddler for about an hour. She didn’t want to stop! When you’re playing, help the child along and encourage finding the object until he/she learns how to operate the game by their self. She learned quickly and got very fast at flashing and finding the objects. She even started saying the object names!
  2. Playing with older children With older children to adults, don’t think about the objects being flashed. Instead, just let the objects, words and audio of the words passively flow to you. in the Find game, let the objects/words/audio appear to you. Some remember what the object looked like. Others hear the audio and remember that way. Others remember the word. When you’re playing for a while you’ll probably notice the objects just flashed start reappearing in your mind faster than you can click on them in the Find game. Your memory works that fast.
  3. More game instructions: For a ton of great game ideas and instructions for young children to adults, click on the Extras button at the bottom of the app screen and tap the computer and/or card games button.
  4. The learning method: Parents are encouraged to read about the accelerated learning method used in this game. Click the About Rapid Flashing button at the bottom of the app screen.

How to Play Superflash:

Superflash Animals - options page

  1. Choose a Set. Tap the set you want to play. When the Random option is selected [J], all sets are used for playing rounds. Tip: If you want see a list of objects used in each set, tap the light blue Extras button at the bottom and open the GameKeysSF.pdf
  2. Score. Default setting is on. When selected, the scores for players are kept. To see your score, click on the purple Scores button at the bottom. If you want to set the scores back to zero, click on the Reset button on the Scores page. On the Scores page you will find explainations of each score kept. Tip: Scores will continue to add up until the Reset button is tapped.
  3. Players. Choose 1 to 4 players to play rounds of Super Flash together. Tip: if you change the number of players during playing rounds, or change any other options, the rounds will start at Player 1.
  4. Find Game. Default setting is on. With this setting on, the Find game will appear after each round of flashing.
  5. Objects. Default setting is on. This setting flashes the objects. You can flash only objects if you unclick Names, Listen and Facts.
  6. Names. Default setting is on. This setting flashes the words. You can flash only the words if you unclick Objects and Listen.
  7. Listen. Default setting is on. This setting plays the audio of the word. You can play the audio of the word only when Objects and Names are unclicked. The Facts option is not available when this option is on.
  8. Facts. Default setting is off. Select this option when you want to play a random fact for each object flashed. When this is on, the listen setting is not available. This setting is great for developing encyclopedic knowledge.
  9. Sequential. Default setting is on. When this is selected, only one set of objects above [A] may be choosen at a time.
  10. Random. Choose this setting when you want to flash objects from all the sets of objects [A].
  11. Number of Items to Play Per Round. Choose from 1 to 10 objects, names, audio of words and/or object fact audio for each round of play.

Superflash Animals - find the animals


Get the basic version for free and unlock the full version for $1.99.