Apps: Pop-up Storybooks by StoryToys

I recently discovered a really lovely series of pop-up story book apps by Story Toys and downloaded a few of them to keep Hercules occupied on the plane trip to Brisbane. They are $4.99 each except for Farm 123 which is $2.99 and Sleepy Mole’s Moving Day which is $0.99.

Most of the stories are a retelling of a popular children’s fairy tale with lovely pop-ups along the way with activities, games and puzzles for your child to complete. Like most other story apps, you can elect for the app to “autoplay”, “read to your child”, or for your child to “read it myself”.

H&G read

Here are some of the pop-ups and activities from the Hansel and Gretel – you have to help Hansel and Gretel’s father chop up some wood to build a tree house for Hansel and Gretel.

H&G tree house

Help Hansel and Gretel cross the river to get home…

H&G hop home

Make the cupcakes that Hansel and Gretel are imagining…

H&G cupcakes

Build a warm fire for Hansel and Gretel…

H&G build a fire

There are also sticker book activities and jigsaw puzzles with 4 different levels. These are available as in-app purchases.

Here are the books they currently have available at the time of writing:

For more storybook apps, see Read Along Storybooks for Children.

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