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See Me Talk is an app designed for people who have difficulty communicating effectively. It is based on a picture exchange system developed for people with speech delays to communicate their needs independently and effectively. It was developed by a Special Education Teacher with over 12 years experience, in consultation with Speech Pathologists and parents of children with speech delays, Kevin Hanasyk, who saw a need for an app that was visually pleasing and easy to navigate. See Me Talk was professionally designed by Robots & Pencils, an award winning company specializing in creating iOS apps (the owner of Robots & Pencils has a child with a speech delay).

In support for the ASD community on World Autism Awareness Day 2013, See Me Talk will be free on April 7 (that’s today so hurry!) for one day only!

See Me Talk

Key Features:

  • No distractions – the settings menu is hidden under the main screen to keep the user focused on communicating rather than playing;
  • Easy to customize – simple to add, delete or edit cards. Adjust the size or adjust the composition of a picture;
  • Convenient – print the sentence strip for schedule strips or social scripts used on the fridge, bathroom mirror at home, or note book at school;
  • Easy support – contact the developer for support or for feedback;
  • Easy to use – drag and drop or tap to add a symbol to the sentence strip;
  • Easy to delete – swipe up to remove an individual symbol or tap the trash can to remove all the cards from the sentence strip;
  • Easy to read – the main screen fades to gray after the Talk button is touched to prominently display the sentence strip.

This app is normally $59.99. On 7 April 2013 only, it is available for free so hurry over to the App store now!

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