Apps: STEM Islands – Learn the Physics of Light, Motion, Sound and Heat

Stumbled on an interesting series of science apps by Virtual Space OOO called STEM Islands that help children explore various topics in physics in a virtual setting:

The City of Light

In the City of Light you can learn about:

  • Sources of Light
  • Light and Shadow
  • Light Refraction
  • Mirrors
  • Light Reflection
  • Lens
  • Optical Devices
  • Eyes and Glasses
  • Color

See also: Bobo Explores Light (which is another really cool app on the properties of light)

The Island of Movement and Sound

On the Island of Movement and Sound, you can learn about:

  • mechanical phenomena
  • types of movement
  • distance, time and speed
  • what is sound
  • relative motion

  • propagation of sound

The Island of Heat and Cold

On the Island of Heat and Cold, you will take a tour to visit an ice-factory and a railroad crossing, and learn interesting facts about:

  • Evaporation and Condensation
  • Melting and Solidification
  • The Water Cycle
  • Heat Transfer
  • Thermal Expansion and Contraction

The Island of Mechanics and Energy

In the Island of Mechanics and Energy, you will learn about:

  • Mechanisms

  • Mechanical Work

  • Energy

  • Sources of Energy

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