Articles on Preschool, Homeschool, Traditional Schooling

SchoolThe Great Debate


These are homeschool curricula that we reviewed. There is a whole lot more available that we didn’t get to because we ended up choosing the traditional path – two in particular are Waldorf and Unschooling.


So you have decided to take the traditional route… What are some of the issues you need to contemplate? These articles provide some insights…

Local Schools in Klang Valley

These are just a few of the schools we looked at and managed to write about. We also looked at others, but I regret I didn’t get around to writing about them. The information here, such as school fees, may be outdated, though.

Parent Feedback

These articles contain the numerous feedback in the comments segment from various parents with children attending schools around Klang Valley. You may find their views of interest to read if you are considering any of these schools.

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