About the Author: Shen-Li Lee

Dr Shen-Li Lee
Founder of Figur8, Freelance Writer, Web Content Manager
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Shen-Li LeeDr. Shen-Li Lee is best known for her parenting website, Figur8 – Nurture for the future. She is also the author of Brainchild: Secrets to Unlocking Your Child’s Potential. Mother of two boys, Dr. Lee believes in a holistic approach to education that develops the ‘whole child’ – in heart, mind and body. Her on-going pursuit in understanding child development is chronicled on her blog that commands more than 20,000 views every month. Dr. Lee has also been commissioned to write as a contributor for a variety of parenting publications in print and online.

Formally trained in dentistry at the University of Melbourne, Dr. Lee’s early career took her from Australia to Malaysia, providing her an insight on working across cultures. Upon the birth of her first child in 2007, Dr. Lee soon discovered the challenge in seeking consolidated resources for raising a ‘whole child’ in Malaysia.

With her passion in self-enrichment and personal development, Dr. Lee founded Figur8 in 2007 and began chronicling her experience with various approaches to child development since. Like her children, Figur8 has continued to develop along with the needs of her children as they grow up.