The Science of Learning: How Do Brains Learn Best?

We had another workshop at school on the science of learning – how brains learn best. In the workshop, we covered some of the following concepts. What is Neuroplasticity? Neuroplasticity is the brain’s amazing ability to change and adapt as a result of our daily interactions with the world around us. It allows the brain […]

Bullying: Understanding, Responding, Preventing It

Bullying. It’s that “B” word that strikes fear into the hearts of parents. We could do everything in our power to protect our children from it and still fail. Perhaps it is the knowledge of our impotence that makes the “B” word so terrifying. Recently, our school took on this troubling topic to help parents […]

Why All Children Should Have Singing Lessons

“I don’t sing because I’m happy; I’m happy because I sing.” – William James We hear a lot about the benefits of learning to play a musical instrument and we’ve written about them in previous articles: Brain Scans Show How Learning a Musical Instrument Enhances Our Brains How Playing a Musical Instrument Alters the Brain The […]

Gifted Education: What is it? Do We Even Need it?

To understand what is required in Gifted Education, we need to explore the idea of “giftedness”. I know… “gifted” – it sounds supercilious. It is unfortunate that the term “gifted” raises such negative connotations for so many people because there is a need to distinguish the kids who have a natural aptitude for academia. It is […]

How to Help Children Develop Spatial Reasoning Skills

Spatial reasoning skills are important. Sure. We know that. They also help children do better in maths. In a recent study, researchers found that babies’ spatial reasoning predicts later math skills: Spatial reasoning measured in infancy predicts how children do at math at four years of age, finds a new study. It provides the earliest documented […]

Bibliotherapy and Philosophical Discussions Through Stories

Some time back, there was a workshop at our school on bibliotherapy and how we can use it with our children. It resonated with me especially since I have an avid reader in the house with whom I sometimes have difficulties talking to about certain issues. Even before this workshop we have been using bibliotherapy […]

DIY Video Project: The Story of the Hokkien New Year

For Chinese New Year this year, I wanted the kids to learn more about their Hokkien heritage. One of the stories I shared with them was about the Hokkien New Year. Unlike the Story of the Chinese Zodiac and the Legend of Nian, there aren’t any youtube videos about why the Hokkiens celebrate Bai Ti Kong […]

Innovating Education: The Large-Scale Enquiry Program

There is an annual event at school called The Large-Scale Enquiry Program. In previous years, I had given it almost no mind because it did not involve my kids directly. This is the first year that G1 has participated in the main large-scale enquiry (years 3 and 4 have their own “mini” large-scale enquiry – if […]

Science Week Activity: Design and Build a Ping Pong Launcher

It’s Science Week at school and the boys were given an optional science project to work on: make a ping pong launcher. Seizing the opportunity for a bit of father-son bonding, I handed the task over to Dad to guide the boys through their design process and construction of the launcher. Create a Ping Pong Launcher The […]

Jungle School – A Forest School in Malaysia

We were introduced to Jungle School when G2 was in EYC. It was a new initiative championed by G2’s class teacher who had a very positive experience with the forest schools in the UK. I confess that I loved the idea right from the outset. There was no need to convince me why we needed […]