BambinoLUK Complete Early Learning Set

BambinoLUK is a play and learn system to reinforce early childhood developmental skills such as visual perception, memory and concentration, critical thinking, beginning math, fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, self-esteem, and everyday knowledge. It features an easy to use 6-tile controller with self-checking design and a series of well illustrated workbooks focusing on various developmental skills. These comprehensive and well-designed exercises provide great benefits for young children:

  • foster intellectual development
  • improves memory and concentration
  • develop problem solving skills
  • accelerate learning process
  • establish primary math skills
  • builds solid foundations for reading and writing
  • encourage eye-hand coordination
  • promote self-esteem


The BambinoLUK Complete Early Learning Set includes:

  • bambinoLUK Controller – necessary for use with all bambinoLUK workbooks
  • My First bambinoLUK workbook – 66 exercises provide an overview of the entire bambinoLUK Early Learning series
  • Parent Teacher Guide – essential information to maximize the benefits of using bambinoLUK
  • bambinoLUK Skills Chart – detailed rating levels of every exercise in the entire series
  • complete bambinoLUK Early Learning series – 15 workbooks with total of 990 early developmental exercises


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