Board Games: Rumis

Two whole days spent cooped up indoors had the boys tearing the walls down with restlessness. Thankfully, Aristotle found a myriad of ways to keep himself pleasantly occupied so all I had to deal with was the occasional bickering and Hercules’ usual mischief (like painting poop on my wall, drawing on my chair, and stuffing his Lego into our air purifier – just to name a few).

One of the activities Aristotle got into was the board game Rumis – which was given to us as a gift from some friends in Singapore…


The game comes with 4 game boards and 44 Rumis blocks. There are variations in how the game can be played, but the essential idea is to construct historial Inca structures, such as the pyramid, stairs, tower, and wall. You can play solitaire or against others with up to four players. Each player takes a turn to place a piece until no one can place a piece.

Rumis structures

The aim of the game is to have the most number of squares occupied by your colour when looking from the top. For instance, in the game below, red has 22 squares, blue has 16, and green has 36; therefore green is the winner.

Rumis Game


A simple concept but a fun one – Rumis is a great game for developing spatial awareness and critical thinking skills. Rumis is a Strategems brain building game created by Educational Insights.

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