Book Depository 25 Hours of Awesome Offers!

Book Depository 25 Hour Sale!

50 Books on offer over 25 Hours.

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  • The Countdown promotion will run for 25 hours, starting at 9am BST, Tuesday 1 July 2014. There will be a new book available on our homepage for a great price every 30 minutes. The last one will go up Wednesday 2 July at 9:30am BST.
  • You can buy as many of the books as you like; Book Depository offers free worldwide delivery. However, there is a limit of three copies of each book per person.
  • All books are the same as normal books – Book Depository has made special deals with publishers to bring you these great bargains.
  • If you accidentally buy a book you don’t want, you can still cancel your order using the online cancellation form.

Source: Dwell

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