Books: Right Brain Education – Drawing Out the “Genius” in Children (HADO READING)

After the dearth of information on right brain education from the Heguru perspective, I was pleased to see that Ruiko and Hirotada Henmi have published their first English book on Hado Reading and drawing out the “genius” in children.

Hado Reading

For those interested, it is available for Kindle on Amazon. You can also read the preview to get an idea of what’s in it. Unfortunately, that also means it’s not available to Asia and Pacific regions. It has been a real bane of mine that a lot of e-books are not available to this region. I’m still waiting on news for the availability of this book through other methods so I cannot comment much on it as yet.

If you can’t get your hands on this book, you should check out the new Heguru website which is now available in English. It comes complete with videos, testimonials and explanations about right brain education and what it can achieve.

More on Hado Reading (Wave Reading, Quantum Speed Reading):

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