Apps for Brain Training

Brain training for the brain is what exercise is to the body so if you want to build a better brain, you need brain exercises to strengthen your brain. To make it easier to keep up with your brain exercises, these apps make brain training on the go super convenient…

Brain Fitness Pro by Mind Sparke

This app features a dual n-back training program that has been proven by independent research. It increases fluid intelligence, focus, and short term memory by more than 40% in less than 20 days with just thirty minutes of daily training.

  • Increase your IQ
  • Improve your memory and focus
  • Boost your test scores at school
  • Restore lost brain function due to aging, head injury, disease, depression, or stress

Memory++ – VirtualMaze

Memorize the images on the grid. On the next screen, the objects will be listed on the left hand column. You need to drag them to their respective positions shown previously.

Fit Brains Trainer – Vivity Labs

Train your brain in 5 different areas:

  • problem solving
  • speed
  • concentration
  • memory
  • visual

More about this app.

Brain Labs – SixDead Entertainment

This app tests your brain power based on your game performance on memory, logic, calculation and visual.


MetaCognite-Brain Trainer from IlluminateBrain – MUJITHA BAI K B

A collection of 8 Logical Reasoning, Working Memory and Fluid Intelligence games designed to enhance your planning, problem solving, attention and information processing skills.

Fluid Intelligence

  • Fire Fighter
  • Animal Defender
  • Letter Sequence
  • Evens & Vowels

Logical Reasoning

  • Pick Me
  • Why Am I Odd?
  • Sort Me
  • Arrange Me

SolveFig – Mentalability Figure series completion – MUJITHA BAI K B

Like it says, this app offers a variety of problems that require the user to complete the series of images by selecting the right image from a multiple-choice answer.

TryToRemember – borOv

This app offers a variety of games to develop immediate, short-term and long-term memory, logical thinking and attention.

Membox: test and train your memory in a fun way – Nick Drabovich

How it works:

  1. You are shown a box with different objects.
  2. You have several seconds to memorize objects.
  3. Your goal is to put objects back in the same order. The faster the better.

If you need help, you can use a limited number of hints (with time penalty). Each difficulty (Easy, Normal, Genius) has different number of hints available. There are six levels and three levels of difficulty with a board of achievements to track your progress.


How it works:

  • Memorise the objects in a sequence.
  • Answer a random question about the sequence you have just memorised.

Brain Trainer by Lumosity

Designed by neuroscientists to train memory, attention, flexibility, problem solving and speed, this apps offers a series of brain training games that have been proven to improve working core cognitive abilities in several studies.

Brain Challenge™ – Gameloft

A series of challenges to train your brain in the following categories: Visual, Memory, Logic, Math, and Focus.

Brain Challenge 2: Think Again! – Gameloft

More mini games to train Visual, Memory, Logic, Math, and Focus…

Memory Trainer – Benjamin Lochmann

Remember the images shown on the screen. On the next screen, identify the missing images.

Smart Test – Wuxi I Create

Smart Test is a brain training game that improves observation, analytical reasoning, imagination and creativity through 4 different games:

  1. Shape – Identify the next shape from the pattern
  2. Space – Imagine the 3D structure by folding the shape
  3. Number – Identify the next number from the pattern
  4. Puzzle – Identify the individual puzzle pieces


Parking Lot! – AppZap

Fun puzzle app for developing logic skills. The aim is to find a way to move the other cars out of the way so the red car can get to the exit.

Shichida, Heguru, Right Brain Education

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