Brain Training: How Playing Chess Develops the Brain

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Chess is stereotypically viewed as the “geek’s” favourite passtime, but with all the benefits that it offers, it’s hard not to wonder why it isn’t a mainstream passtime. We have written about the academic benefits of playing chess previously, but here are 10 major brain benefits of playing chess:

  1. It can raise your IQ
  2. It helps prevent Alzheimer’s
  3. It exercises both sides of the brain, therefore, it is a good activity for developing the “whole brain”.
  4. It increases your creativity so if you have been concerned about school affecting your child’s creativity and have been wondering what you can do to encourage our children’s creativity, this is one activity you should introduce to your child.
  5. It improves your memory
  6. It increases problem-solving skills
  7. It improves reading skills
  8. It improves concentration
  9. It grows dendrites
  10. It teaches planning and foresight

Chess is also a recommended activity as part of the Sidney Ledson curriculum as well as a Tools of the Mind activity that supports development. Therefore, if you’re looking for one good brain training activity, then chess should be it.

Recommended programs for teaching children chess:

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