BrillKids Little Reader iAccess

If you already have a licensed Little Reader on your computer, you can get Little Reader iAccess and download your reading curriculum on your iOS or Android device. With iAccess, you will be able to download your curriculum content in the ‘Download Lessons’ section of Little Reader Touch (please check the system requirements).

Now you can take your Little Reader wherever you go…

We all have busy lifestyles and sometimes travel can get in the way of consistently teaching. This is the reason why BrillKids made iAccess: so you can get all of your course content in your Little Reader Touch app and teach whenever and wherever it suits you and your little learner!

Watch your Little Reader videos and images in Hi-Def

The curriculum content for Little Reader Touch was re-created with hi-definition images, videos and animations so the lessons are clearer and more vibrant than ever before!

Greater interactivity!

Let your child enjoy a deeper level of interaction with the multi-touch finger-sensitive touchscreen interface on Little Reader Touch.

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