How Rock Climbing Trains Your Child’s Brain

Perhaps I’m biased, but I’ve always felt that rock climbing is an enriching activity. It offers numerous benefits for the mind, the body, and character. Partly for those benefits, and partly because I just want someone in the family to share my passion, I had hoped one of my boys would pick it up. Unfortunately, I can […]

How to Exercise Your Way to a Better Brain

If you want to build a better brain, you won’t go wrong with exercise. We’ve seen study after study on how the brain benefits from exercise: Sports and Physical Activity are Important for Brain Development and Academic Performance Exercise Makes You Smarter Physical activity is one of the most effective ways to enhance the brain “Exercise—especially […]

Getting the Most Out of Your Brain Training

There are many ways to sharpen the brain and keep it finely honed – methods that have consistently proven time again through research to be effective. But let’s face it… in the rapid pace of life that we live in, it can be difficult to fit one or two of these activities in. Given the limited commodity […]

The Activity That Builds Brain Connectivity

In study after study, science repeatedly confirms that sports, exercise, and physical activity are good for the brain. Sports and Physical Activity are Important for Brain Development and Academic Performance Exercise Makes You Smarter – Here’s Why If You Only Do One Thing for Your Brain, It Should Be This Exercise Builds Better Brains We’ve […]

Events: Move It Movement @ Sunway Pyramid – 9-11 December 2016

Sports and physical activity are important for brain development, academic achievement in school, and it makes us smarter. In fact, if there is only one thing you can do for your brain, it should be exercise. Here’s how you can inculcate some good habits for physical activity and movement this holidays with the help of Cartoon […]

Ready Steady Go Kids!

Physical activity has been linked to many benefits for the developing child: it makes them smarter it can predict academic achievement it’s good for the brain it helps with emotional wellbeing it helps children develop social skills it’s good for overall health Declining Levels of Physical Activity in Children Unfortunately, for various reasons, there has […]

Activities: Yuber Sports Weekend

Sports is not only a great way to help children build character, but it is also great for brain development and academic performance. If you’re not sure what sports to get your child involved in, try this one… YUBER Sports Weekend is a programme that focuses on building character and social skills for kids 8 years old […]

Outdoor Activities for Children: Orienteering

What is Orienteering? Orienteering is an activity requiring orienteers to find specific sites in the landscape using a detailed map and compass. Orienteers must visit each control site and verify their visit by collecting unique markers from each control site in the course. The route between the control sites is not specified and it is up to the orienteers to navigate […]

Resources: Teach Your Baby to Swim

I thought it was about time we updated this one since there are a lot more resources out there now… I have written about teaching babies to swim and you can find those articles here: How to Teach Your Baby to Swim Teach Your Baby to Swim – Part 1 Teach Your Baby to Swim […]

Physical Development: Making an Obstacle Course for Home Play

I’ve been inspired by The Curious Academy to create an “obstacle course” for the boys at home. Of course, with our limited space and resources, it will be nothing like the one at The Curious Academy (or Gymboree, for that matter) since foamnasium, climbing ladders, and gorilla playsets are either too expensive and/or impractical for our setup. A long time ago, […]