How to Instill a Love for Reading in Your Child

On Tuesday, I was invited to speak at the Popular Bookfest 2017 at the KLCC Convention Center with Michelled Lim-Chua, author of The Mindful Mom, on the topic: How to Instill a Love for Reading in Your Child These are some of the highlights from our discussion. Why Reading? “A nation that does not read much […]

Kickstarting 2017 with the Read Aloud Revival Challenge

It’s the start of a new year and we’ve decided to kick it off by joining the Read Aloud Revival Challenge. What is the Read Aloud Revival Challenge? The Read Aloud Revival Challenge was a concept developed by Sarah MacKenzie. The challenge encourages children to read aloud every day (or as often as possible) for […]

Resources for Developing Reading Comprehension

It is important to help children develop critical thinking skills to help them navigate the oceans of misinformation surrounding them. The first step to critical thinking is being able to make sense of what we’re reading. In other words, reading comprehension. “A child who read 30 minutes a day but answered fewer than 65 percent of the […]

Raising Readers: Encouraging Reading for Pleasure

Reading offers numerous benefits for children and encouraging reading for pleasure is one of the best ways to keep children reading in the later years. Here are a few reasons why we should encourage children to find joy in reading: it makes them smarter it builds empathy it helps them do well at school it builds creativity and […]

Reading is the Key to Unlocking Academic Success

When I first began the journey of early learning with my children, I was a novice. There was a lot of trial and error – yes, I made mistakes and there are things I would do differently if I had another child. With my children grown up a little more, I have also affirmed what […]

Homeschool and After School Resources for Under $20

Educational resources for the kids don’t have to be pricey. Here’s a list of the best affordable homeschool resources – all available for $20 or less on Educents. Helpful Resources Homeschool Planner – This planner includes dated journal pages, practical forms, motivational quotes, and teaching aides to make your homeschool planning effortless and enjoyable. Do-a-Dot Mega […]

Buyer’s Guide to the Complete Life of Fred Series

Unless you’re new to homeschooling, chances are, you have already heard about the “Life of Fred”. This series has grown so much in popularity that it has become the new buzzword in the homeschooling world. For any child struggling to understand math concepts, Fred is ever ready to jump in and help! You may be wondering why the Life […]

Get EPIC! Books for Kids

When it comes to reading, more is always better, and if you follow Jim Trelease’s “read aloud” philosophy, children will eventually learn to read by following along. As parents, we can help by providing our children with lots of opportunities to be exposed to books, like trips to the library. While it is great for children […]

Pirate Themed Learning for Pirates Day!

Arr me hearties! It’s Pirate Day 19th September! Let’s get into the spirit and celebrate with these easy and creative pirate ideas! If you have a child that loves pirate themes, this will also be perfect for your family any time… Pirate Treasure Hunt Ready for some pirate fun over the weekend? Send your kids on […]

Apps: Encouraging Early Literacy with Bam Boomerang

I could go on and on about the importance of early literacy but since I’ve written so much about it in the past, I’ll just refer you to those posts… Early Reading: the Benefits of Starting Early Why Our Future Depends on Libraries, Reading and Day Dreaming: The summarised perspective from Neil Gaiman Early Literacy – How […]