Right Brain Kids: Right Brain Education Begins with Relationships First

The Right Brain Kids motto is “hug, play, learn”. This is because they believe that before you can start teaching your child, you have to develop your relationship with your child first. This is very important especially for young children. Without first focussing on your relationship, your child’s ability to learn is compromised. Here’s something they shared […]

Right Brain Kids on Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique was mentioned when we shared Right Brain Kids’ tips on Healing the Right Brain. Now Pamela Hickein has created a series of three videos about Emotional Freedom Technique and how it works with the TweedleWink program. About Emotional Freedom Technique Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is similar in concept to acupuncture in that […]

Right Brain Education Book List

Hado Reading

I can still remember when I first heard about Right Brain Education… Back then there was not a lot of written information available about Right Brain Education. Well, at least, not in English. Now, it’s a lot better. Here’s a book list I’m compiling. Feel free to drop me a line if you know of […]

Right Brain Kids: Healing the Right Brain

This was in a recent newsletter from Right Brain Kids that I thought was worth sharing… Why is it important to have a Happy Mind? The right brain is an emotional brain. When a child experiences trauma, the right brain shuts off. This has a negative impact on a child’s learning capability. In order to […]

Right Brain Kids: Prenatal Communication


For expectant mothers and those expecting to be expectant mothers – Pamela Hickein and Wennie Sun from Right Brain Kids have the following message to share… Five Gifts of Love and Insight for Mother and Child As a right-brain prenatal educator for over 20 years — and as a mother of four children myself — […]

Right Brain Kids: Prenatal Meditation

Righ Brain Kids have released a series of free prenatal meditation videos for expecting mothers who wish to begin right brain education with their babies in the womb. These videos portray the various stages of pregnancy through visualisations with soothing background harp music containing a soft beat. Each video focuses on a general development stage – […]

TweedleWink: About the Early Enrichment Program

Pamela Hickein and Wennie Sun (founders of Right Brain Kids and the TweedleWink enrichment centers) have a new video that talks about their early learning enrichment program. The purpose of TweedleWink is to help your child boost his/her intellectual AND creative potential by engaging in playful learning exercises in a loving atmosphere of joy and fun. […]

Right Brain Education: Right Brain Kids TweedleWink Program


The Right Brain Kids TweedleWink Program is available in 3 formats. They have: Right Brain Education classes TweedleWink DVD Program (for 0-6 years) TweedleWink eCourse (available online) Right Brain Education Classes These classes are currently only available in Malaysia. TweedleWink DVD Program The TweedleWink DVD Program is designed to maximize your child’s natural sponge-like learning state, beginning from […]

Right Brain Education: Right Brain Kids Wink Program

Wink Package

 Wink is a Right Brain Education Program from Right Brain Kids. There are two parts to the Wink Program at Right Brain Kids – the Wink eCourse and the Wink Kit. The Wink Kit is great for parents who are interested in developing their children’s right brain and have no access to a right brain […]

Foundations of Genius: What is Right Brain Education?

Right Brain Education is an enhanced learning system of right brain exercises and brain development games for your baby, infant, toddler, preschooler or elementary child’s mind and heart. We place emphasis on the education of the heart, as well as the balanced emotional development of your child — both intellect (IQ) and creative intuition (EQ). […]