Children’s Books: Hari Child Safety Awareness

My SIL recently bought the boys a lovely series of books on Child Safety Awareness by Tristan McGee. Given Hercules’ accident-prone nature, we thought this was a great series to help increase his awareness of safety issues. There are currently only four books available in the series:

Hari 1 Hari 2

Hari 4 Hari 3

Hari’s books are a great resource for parents and teachers to teach young children about safety awareness in a fun, exciting and imaginative way. Each book is filled with everyday hazards and scenarios of how accidents can happen during careless play. As you read through the book, you can talk to your child about why these things are dangerous and how to play safely.

Hercules really enjoys the books and I was delighted to hear him reiterate to himself all the dangers we talked about when he reviews the books on his own. Let’s hope he translates this knowledge to his everyday life…

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