Event: Parenting & Family Development Talk @ MPH Bookstore


Parenting & Family Development Talks

When is it:

  • Sunday 20 November 2016 from 2pm to 6pm

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What’s on:

2:00pm – Increase the Linguistic Potential of Your Child the Whole-Brain Way by Daisy Ng

Daisy Ng, the founder of awards-winning Trinity Kids Malaysia, shares with parents important tips on increasing linguistic potential and improving the communication skills of children from birth to 12 years old. Malaysia’s First Playschool, Trinity Kids has won 28 awards since its establishment, including “Best Early Reading Program”, “Best Infant & Toddler Curriculum”, and “Best Playschool”, among others.

2:45pm – Protecting Our Children against Zika by Steven Wong

The Zika virus carried by the Aedes mosquito is a growing world health problem. It is especially dangerous to pregnant mums and developing babies. With no cure available to date, prevention is the best solution. In this talk, Steven Wong of Cherub Rubs provides updates on this health threat and highlights practical prevention solutions.

3:30pm – Raising Successful Children in the 21st Century by Dr Shen-Li Lee

In this highly connected world, filled with noise and distractions, what can we do to help our children stay focused on the road to success? In this talk, Dr Shen-Li Lee discusses what our children need to be successful in the 21st Century.

4:15pm – Preparing a Delightful Birth Experience by Ayuni Zainuddin and Ng Bee Ting

Childbirth educators Ng Bee Ting and Ayuni Zainuddin have many years of experience in helping parents achieve gentle births. In this talk, they share how childbirth can be calm and soothing, and that extreme pain can be evitable. Parents will learn how to prepare for this delightful journey of pregnancy and childbirth to early parenthood.

5:00pm – Healthy Meals Made Easy by Marina Mustafa

Marina is a popular chef who is also a mother to four lovely kids. As a mother, she knows how vital it is to prepare meals that are nourishing yet enjoyable for her family. In this session, Marina demonstrates how to cook three tasty and nutritious dishes using the Avent steamer blender. These dishes are terrific for toddlers, juniors and even adults!

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