Events: IAIM Baby Massage Workshop @ BrillKids Family

The first principle of Dr Sears’ 7 Bs of parenthood is ‘Bonding’ and one of the ways you can bond with your baby is to learn the right touch and movements from Felicia Suah’s IAIM Baby Massage class.

About Baby Massage

Research says massage may help infants sleep more, cry less and be less stressed – University of Warwick

Infant massage:

  • Promotes bonding and secure attachment
  • Stimulates circulatory and digestive systems, immune systems & more
  • May relieve gas and colic, growing pains and teething discomfort
  • May improved sleep patterns and regulate behavioral states

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About the instructor

Felicia is a mother of 3, a certified IAIM (International Association of Infant Massage) Baby Massage Instructor, a breastfeeding counsellor and co-manager of two popular parenting social media groups. With her wealth of experience in parenthood and breastfeeding counselling, Felicia’s massage course is an essential tool for expecting and young parents.

These classes are suitable for expecting parents or parents with infants, click here to register.

Getting There

Brillkids Family @ Publika Shopping Gallery
Level G4, Lot 2


Bonding with your baby: