Great Educational Websites List

There are plenty of educational websites around, but finding the good ones can be time consuming, so I thought I’d keep this “gems” list for easy reference:

  • Whyzz – for the kids that asks a lot of hairy questions we struggle to find the answers to. They also have a free app for your iThing.
  • FAQ Kids – more questions and answers for kids (also free).
  • Sheppard Software – games, activities, articles, quizzes and more (and it’s free).
  • Free Rice – Multiple choice questions on a range of topics. Answer each question correctly and your child will help to donate rice through the World Food Program to help end hunger.
  • National Geographic Kids – I’m sure almost everyone will have heard of this one but just in case you haven’t…
  • The Happy Scientist – what else but science? This is a paid site but the fees are very affordable – US$20 for  year’s subscription.
  • Smithsonian Education – lots of great stuff for free here by the Smithsonian Institute.
  • Britannica Pathways: Science – recommended for Grade 6-8. It’s a paid subscription but it looks pretty good. You can check out a sample lesson and sign up for a free trial subscription to test it out first.
  • BrainPop Junior – for K-3 (there is also BrainPop for older kids) which covers science, health, math, social studies, arts & technology, reading & writing. Price is a bit steep though – BrainPop Junior is US$85 for 1 year; BrainPop is US$99 for 1 year. You can purchase a combined membership for the two sites for US$175/year. They also have a mobile app so you can use it on the go (you’ll need wifi/3G access, though). You can trial BrainPop app with limited access for free. Hercules really enjoys watching the videos on BrainPop Junior.
  • Khan Academy – you can’t miss this one. “Learn almost anything for free” – it covers all sorts of topics, although the subjects are probably more appropriate for older kids.
  • Science Friday – audio and video recordings on all sorts of interesting science stuff.
  • Elementary Ed has a good list of subject specific websites, such as volcanoes, Mars, paleontology, chemistry, etc.
  • also has an extensive list of useful websites by subject.
  • Exploratorium – digital library, homeschool program, and hands-on activities.
  • Blue World – on ocean science
  • NASA – on space science
  • New York Philharmonic Kidzone – on music
  • British Council Learn English for Kids – games, stories, activities and other resources to help children learn English (reading, writing, spelling, grammar).

Resources for older kids:

  • Learn Genetics – genetic science learning center
  • Coursera – free online courses
  • Udacity – free, interactive courses on Math and Science
  • Open Culture – free online courses
  • TED-Ed – educational lessons on various subjects communicated through video
  • MentorMob – learning playlists of quality resources from the net
  • Memrise – interesting system of learning that will help you remember more. Covers a variety of subjects including languages
  • Learnist – collections of learning materials and educational content organised into learning boards

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