Implementing Right Brain Education in the Home

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Practicing Right Brain Education in the Home

For parents in parts of the world where Right Brain Education isn’t available, or if you would like to further enhance your child’s right brain development, you can implement Right Brain Education in your home. The following links contain the outline for the right brain home practice activities as well as activities, programs, and resources you can use at home:

Right Brain Kids – TweedleWink

Right Brain KidsIf you are looking for a guided right brain education home program that you can implement, Right Brain Kids offers the TweedleWink Program . Founded in what was originally a Montessori school, the TweedleWink program has roots in the Montessori philosophy because both education philosophies compliment each other. The best part about the TweedleWink program is that you can do it from anywhere in the world, in the comfort of your own home. They have an online course that teaches you about Right Brain Education, how to tap into the right brain potential, and how to use their right brain education materials to bring out your child’s right brain function and maximise your child’s whole brain potential. The TweedleWink program is aimed at children from birth to 6 years. For more information about TweedleWink, take a look at the following articles:

Right Brain Kids – Wink

For older children and adults, Right Brain Kids offers another program called Wink. The Wink program continues on after the TweedleWink program. The general age recommendation is 4 years old and up, although Wennie Sun (one of the founders of Right Brain Kids) discourages implementing Wink too early. Her recommendation is to stay on the TweedleWink program for as long as possible to encourage full right brain development. This is where Right Brain Kids’ philosophy differs from Heguru and Shichida where activities similar to Wink are performed in classes for children under 3 years. Wink contains 7 steps that help to bring out key right brain functions. There is also a Wink course that teaches the 7 steps, how to re-activate the right brain pathways, and how to use right brain techniques. Learn more about Right Brain Kids Wink:

Right Brain Education Guides

The following right brain education books offer step by step guides for practicing right brain education:

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