iPad Apps: Splash Maths 5th Grade Now Available!

If you read my earlier post on Splash Math, you’ll know how much we love them! Now there is a new Splash Math App with content for 5th Grade Math! Here’s what it covers:

  1. Place Value – Numbers up to a Billion; Decimal Place Value; Represent Decimals
  2. Number Sense – Compare, order, round numbers; Compare, order, round decimals; Compare, order, round fractions
  3. Algebra Expressions – Evaluate Expressions; Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division Equations; Number Patterns
  4. Multiplication – Multiply by multiples of 10; Two digit by Two digit; Three digit by three digit numbers
  5. Division – Divide by 1 Digit Numbers (With/without Remainders); Divide by 2 Digit Numbers (With/without Remainders)
  6. Fractions – Equivalent Fractions; Simplest Forms (Mixed Numbers); Add, subtract, multiply fractions; Add, subtract mixed fractions; Multiply Fraction by a Whole; Mixed Fractions, Fraction Division (Divide Unit Fraction by a Whole), Fraction Division (Divide Whole by a Unit Fraction)
  7. Decimals – Add Decimals; Subtract Decimals; Multiply by a Multiple of 10; Multiply by a Whole; Multiply Decimals; Divide by a Multiple of 10; Divide by a Whole; Divide by a Decimal
  8. Measurement – Convert Metric Units; Convert Customary Units; Mixed Metric Quantities; Mixed Customary Quantities;
  9. Geometry – Coordinate plane; Coordinate Graphs; Two Dimensional Figures; Volume

Sneak Peeks:

Splash Math 5 - 1

Splash Math 5 - 2

Splash Math 5 - 3

Splash Math 5 - 4

Splash Math 5 - 5

For more more about the Splash Math series, read our earlier post.

Get Splash Math 5th Grade now!

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