Support Language Learning at Home with These Strategies

Science offers numerous reasons why being multilingual is good for our children:

These reasons aside, there are practical reasons why we should encourage our children to pick up another language or three. Our children are growing up in a globalised world where being able to speak more than one language is no longer an advantage, it is the norm. Being multilingual builds up all the areas that help kids become more successful in school and in life.

Supporting Language Learning

The general recommendation for learning another language is to start early and provide an immersive environment with native speakers. The rapid advancement of technology has made early multilingual exposure a lot easier for parents who are monolingual with programs like:

Even if you haven’t started early, there are many ways to support you child’s language learning at home. The following infographic from UpgradedPoints offers some handy strategies you can apply. It covers the basics, such as spelling, sounds and basic words; grammar; and how to extend the learning further.

Language Learning

How To Learn Any Language In Record Time – An infographic by the team at


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