Methods to Build Confidence in Children and Develop their Potential Abilities

Little MathFrom the Heguru Handbook.

Confidence is a common characteristic possessed by leaders. To help our children be successful in life, it is important to help them build up their confidence. How can this be done? Parental guidance and encouragement alone is insufficient to help children build confidence. The only way to ensure they develop confidence is to help them gain belief in themselves through their own experiences.

By giving children opportunities to focus on activities and complete them so that they may experience the excitement of having “done it”, we can help our children build confidence in themselves. Work to achieve small achievements first. As your child’s confidence increases, he will look forward to the next challenge. With an accumulated string of experiences of achievements, your child will become an individual who will not give up even when he has failed.

Aside from creating such opportunities, we can also help our children by providing our full support and encouragement to them when they perform these activities. Expressing belief in our children reinforces our children’s belief in themselves. Raising a child to believe in himself provides him with a positive self-image that can lead to significant results. The goal of right brain education is for our children to have a positive self-image.

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