Minecraft Camp for Kids

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, I’m sure every parent will be aware of Minecraft by now… If you were concerned about how much your children want to play this game, it might be somewhat of a consolation to hear that Minecraft can be very educational and that there are many ways to extend the learning through Minecraft. Now you can take it one step further by enrolling your children in after school and weekend Minecraft camp where they will learn with expert counselors in a safe, moderated, multiplayer environment.

About Minecraft Connected Camps

At Minecraft Connected Camps, campers will learn:

  • how to mod,
  • how to make your own YouTube videos
  • play on the moderated camp servers, accessed in the comfort of your own home and at your convenience.

The camp is moderated and taught by expert counselors in a safe, multiplayer environment. It covers:

  • Problem solving and design
  • Advanced building techniques
  • Online and web literacy
  • Collaboration and community organizing
  • Digital citizenship

Who is it for?

Connected Camps is recommended for children aged 9-13 who love Minecraft.

What will you get?

The camp runs for 1 year and students will receive:

  • Access to counselor moderated servers:
    • Weekdays – 4pm to 7pm
    • Weekends – 10am to 6pm
  • In-game group challenges every weeknight
  • Free access to premium challenges
  • Discounts for afterschool, winter, and summer camps, including coding camps


  • Internet – the software is browser-based and you will need internet to access the private Minecraft server.
  • PC version of Minecraft is required if you plan to mod on the private Minecraft server.

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