Montessori Materials: The 100 Board

Since he was little, Hercules has had a thing for numbers. So when I introduced the Hundred Board App by Rantek (they have some really cool Montessori Apps), he really enjoyed playing with it.

I have been meaning to make him a physical hundred board but never quite got to it until recently. In my typical lazy-Mom fashion, I went for the easiest way…

Photo Apr 03, 1 08 57 AM

All it is is a magnetic whiteboard which I got from Borders (something like this works pretty well, too) and magnetic buttons that I bought from Daiso (or something like this would work, too). I drew up a grid with 100 squares on the white board with a permanent marker pen and wrote the numbers from 1-100 on the backs of the magnetic buttons. Since it is magnetic, you can play it on the go. Yes. It doesn’t get easier than this.

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