Music Resources: Teaching Children Music

Music is a wonderful subject to teach children. We expound upon the benefits of learning music time and time again because I don’t think we could ever over-emphasise the value of learning music. Even if you only spent a couple of years learning music during your childhood, the benefits can still be seen in your later years as an adult.

Teaching Children Music

Teaching Children Music is a music resource site created by musical Mama, Tamsyn. With a bachelor’s degree in vocal performance from USU, Tamsyn has spent many years teaching private piano lessons and has attended several workshops on how to teach children music.

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Free e-Book

Teaching Children Music offers a free e-book with 10 games and activities you can do with your children to enhance their music learning.

Download it here.

Music Resources

Teaching Children Music also offers a few other resources for teaching children music at very affordable prices.


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