myBrainLab School Holiday Program @ Solaris Dutamas (Publika) – 15 to 18 March 2016

On this school holidays – myBrainLab helps children sharpen their cognitive skills so they can learn better and faster.

myBrainLab also offers the internationally acclaimed BrainRx Program:

  • dramatic results with students of all ages in over 25 countries
  • documented skill and reading gains for over 15,000 students worldwide
  • one-on-one training helps students address areas of cognitive weaknesses through a series of targeted cognitive drills
  • personal brain training helps strengthen underlying mental skills for faster and easier learning
  • patented methodology that is one of the only cognitive training systems in the world that can guarantee specific results
  • over 1,200 recent BrainRx students documented an average of 5.22 years across seven essential cognitive learning skills
  • treats the causes of learning struggles in an engaging manner
  • fun and engaging, BrainRx differs from tuition classes because students are not retaught content already presented at school
  • uses up-to-date research to train and enhance cognitive learning skills

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