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Right Brain Education and Positive Behaviour Management

I have been struggling a long time to correct the boys’ behaviours in a way that is in keeping with Right Brain Education philosophy. It seemed contradictory that I was always talking about love and connection, but was employing harsh methods of discipline – punishment and scolding (read: yelling) – to correct negative behaviours. I can’t say that it was particularly effective except in creating a tension-filled household with a lot of unhappy people.

I agree that we need to be firm in our disciplinary methods but firm doesn’t have to mean harsh. You can still be firm but gentle. At the end of the day, we’re striving to correct behaviour for the long haul, not a temporary patch that will undo itself once the figure of authority is no longer around for enforcement. In order to achieve this, the method of discipline that has shown the most promising results is positive discipline.

There are a lot of books on positive discipline available. These are the ones we have read that we like:

If you have any other books on positive discipline that you wish to recommend, drop us a line!

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