Prenatal Right Brain Education


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Are you pregnant or planning another child? You might be interested to know that you can begin Right Brain Education with your child during your pregnancy. What can you expect to achieve with Prenatal Right Brain Education? Read about the benefits in the following article:

Shichida Prenatal Education Course

What can you do if you can’t attend a Prenatal Education Course? Pamela Hickein and Wennie Sun from Right Brain Kids have a terrific series of Prenatal Meditation videos you can follow. Click the following link to watch them:

Right Brain Kids: Prenatal Meditation

Right Brain Kids also shares 5 important insights to prenatal communication that you should read about:

Right Brain Kids: Prenatal Communication

Even if you’ve missed the boat for Prenatal Right Brain Education, it is never too late to begin Right Brain Education with your child. According to Ruiko Henmi (Heguru founder), even adults can develop their brain potential.

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