Quantum Speed Reading: Step 1 – Basic Training (Staring Practice)

Little Reader

Staring Practice: Flowers

  1. Begin by relaxing and taking longer and deeper breaths.
  2. Release all mental and physical stress.
  3. Look at the word “flower” (below) as you regulate your breathing.
  4. Try to blink as little as possible and keep staring at the word.
  5. As you breathe in, the word will appear to float closer; as you breathe out, it gets farther away.
  6. You will start to see images (even if you don’t, it is fine just to think about it). What kind of images do you see? What kind of flowers are appearing? Write down their names.

Being able to change the word to images leads to being able to speed-read books and eventually to seeing images being emitted from the books related to the content.

Staring Practice: The Camp Fire

This image training is also known as “after-image training”. This exercise will help to empower your image visualisation.

  1. Stare at the black dot in the middle of the green fire for 30 seconds, blinking as little as possible.
  2. Stare at the lower black dot. You will see a red fire dimly above the logs (if you continue to stare, it will gradually appeara).
  3. If you see nothing, breathe quietly and slowly and start over.
  4. Continue practicing and you will be able to see the afterimage for longer durations.

You can also get after-imaging cards from Right Brain Kids under the Wink Program called “PhotoEyeplay”. A good tip from Right Brain Kids is to stare at the first image until you start to see a red glow around the image. The PhotoEyeplay cards are great because they start with very basic colour patterns and slowly progress to more complex images. This step-by-step method helps you understand the process of afterimaging making it easier to achieve. They also show you pictures of what you should “see” with your afterimage.

Staring Practice: The Orange Card

This is the same exercise as the Orange Card Image Play from the Shichida Right Brain Training Home Practice Guide. The method and objectives are the same.

Tobitani says:

Breathe deeply three times, relax your mind, and stare at the blue circle for 30 seconds. Close your eyes and you will see the afterimage. If it disappears while you are practicing, think to yourself, “It will reappear,” and it will do so. Repeating this exercise over and over helps you to deepen your image-making ability.

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