Quantum Speed Reading, Wave Reading, Hado Reading

Quantum Speed Reading is a right brain function that was first discovered by Yumiko Tobitani – a Shichida teacher in Japan. Quantum Speed Reading has also been referred to as “wave reading” or “hado reading”. Individuals with the ability to Quantum Speed Read are able to rapidly absorb information from any book. The ability can be activated by developing the right brain function. Individuals who have achieved the ability to Quantum Speed Read, have also experience positive changes in other areas of their lives.

What is Quantum Speed Reading?

Learning Quantum Speed Reading

Yumiko Tobitani wrote about book about Quantum Speed Reading that teaches you how to develop the skill. Unfortunately, it is not easy to obtain a copy of the book as it is out of print and second hand copies are hard to come by.

If you are interested to practice QSR with your child, you can follow the following practice instructions:

More about Quantum Speed Reading (also known as “wave reading” or “Hado reading”):

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