BrillKids Little Reader: Teaching Children to Read

Little Reader is an effective learning system by BrillKids that can help you teach your children to read.

About Little Reader:

  • Little Reader has a comprehensive curriculum that cover 3000 words in 180 categories with daily lessons over 12 months leading your child from single words to complete stories.
  • It is easy to use. All it takes is just five minutes, once or twice a day, over five days a week, and it is as simple as pressing play.
  • Little Reader utilises proven techniques, incorporating flashcards, phonics, and multi-sensorial methods making learning to read fun and engaging.
  • Each lesson is unique, showing different pictures, fonts and sounds of the same word to broaden your child’s experience, and to make lessons more interesting.
  • You can also personalise the lessons with your baby’s name, personal photographs and videos, and your baby’s favourite words.
  • Once you complete the curriculum, you can download more files for free from the BrillKids Forum.
  • Little Reader also offers a Chinese curriculum for those who want to teach their children to read Mandarin.

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UPDATE: Little Reader Version 3 is Now Available! Read all about the new upgrades!

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Little Reader Languages:

Little Reader is also available in the following languages:


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