Resource: Oxford Owl – Free Reading and Math Resource Site

The Oxford Owl is a terrific resource site offering lots of games, activities, ideas and free e-books that you can use to help support your children’s reading and math.

What’s on Oxford Owl – Reading:

  • reading resources for children age 3-11
  • tips and advice for supporting your child’s reading development
  • fun ideas and games to encourage your child’s reading development
  • free e-books and reading resources to get your child excited about reading
  • expert videos on teaching phonics
  • visit the “kids’ barn” for more fun reading activities and games
  • for parents of boys, check out project X – designed especially with boys in mind
  • browse their online library of books that you can read with your child – currently, the library contains 260 books

What’s on Oxford Owl – Maths:

  • maths resources for children age 3-7
  • advice and tips on starting young children on Maths
  • fun ideas and games to boost your child’s Maths learning
  • free math e-books
  • expert views on teaching maths to children

Visit The Oxford Owl.

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