Resource Site: Science Kids – Fun Science and Technology for Kids

If you thought Kinetic City was great, you’ll love this free Science and Technology resource site for kids – Science Kids:

What they have:

Topics they cover:

What we especially like:

They offer a range of simple and fun science experiements that you can do at home with your child…

You can also perform a range of “online” science experiments under their “games” tab, like this “heat transfer experiment” to test the insulating properties of different materials:

These experiments remove the safety barrier of certain experiments, allowing younger children to get in on the action. It also makes it easier to do science experiments without the proper laboratory equipment or materials.

Last, but not least, you can also watch their short videos of science experiments you should NOT try at home, like “soap in a microwave”:

They also have lots of other cool science videos that you should check out.

And if you liked Kids Science, you should also take a look at their other two affiliated sites:

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