Resources: Dino-Mania Part 3 – More Dinosaur Stuff

I found these when Aristotle was at the peak of his dino-mania and have been meaning to write about them but never got around to it until now. I figured I ought to publish them since I’m sure there are plenty of dino-fans out there who might be interested. If you missed our earlier posts on this topic, you can visit them here:

If fossils you want, you really have to go visit the American Museum of Natural History. Take a sneak peak into the world largest dinosaur special exhibition.

There is also an interesting documentary called Paleoworld which was showing on Astro. Take a look at one of their episodes (you can find more on Youtube):

Recently when we were in Melbourne I found the follow Blu-Ray discs at JB Hifi:

IMAX: Sea Rex [Blu-ray 3D] (Watch the trailer).


Dinosaurs Alive! [Blu-ray 3D] (Watch the trailer).

Dinosaurs alive

They can be viewed in 3D or 2D, although it is not advisable for young children to watch the 3D versions…

We also bought the book Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Animals by Carl Mehling from Science Works. This is the most comprehensive book we have on dinosaurs but please be warned that it is very heavy reading.

Dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals

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