Resources for Science Experiments

My boys love science experiments. There is something magical about chemical reactions and colour changes that captivate the boys so. We would dabble with those Science Kits in a Box like these:

And play around with a few very simple science activities at home:

From time to time when I’m too tired to get involved, I would encourage them to go nuts in the bathroom with their own pretend experiments or to tinker around with science apps on the iPad.

I’ve also come across several cool websites with some simple and not so simple science experiments that you can do at home:

Steve Spangler’s Science

Steve Spangler has some very easy and very cool science experiments you can try on his website, like the Mentos Diet Coke Geyser:

The Crazy Russian Hacker

The Crazy Russian Hacker is another terrific science channel on Youtube to follow. He has some wicked cool videos, but can just follow his science experiments:

Sick Science

Sick Science is another channel on Youtube with cool science experiments you can try at home:

If you enjoyed those, you can also try these sites:

Mystery Science Open-and-go Lessons for Kids

And who could forget:

Last but not least, there’s always Theodore Gray’s books:


Not gamed to try the experiments yourself? Never fear, you can still enjoy some visual experiments from Theo’s Elements in Action (also available as an app from the iTunes Store):

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