Resources: Free Online Memory Games

Shichida’s Right Brain Education philosophy placed a lot of emphasis on developing memory power with a number of their activities focused on memory training. If memory is like a muscle, then regular training makes it stronger. The following memory games are available for free at the time of writing and are a fun way to encourage children to exercise their “memory” muscle. These activities also work well for Right Brain Education home practice activities.

Concentration or Memory Match

Concentration is a popular memory game utilising a deck of cards with matching pairs. All cards are placed face down at random. Each player takes turns to open two cards at a time. The aim of the game is to locate all the matching pairs. The winner is the person who has found the most pairs. It can also be played alone with the aim then being to find all the pairs in the quickest time possible.

Audio Memory Games

Makoto Shichida placed significant importance on developing auditory memory so here are a couple of audio memory games to train the ear…

Memory Games with a Criminal Twist for Budding Detectives

Memory Games with Science and Technology

Memory Games with Art

Educational Memory Games that Teach as well as train memory

If you want to add an educational boost to your memory training, try these:

Games for the Serious Memory Trainer


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