Resources: History for Kids – Free History Network for Kids

Stephen Byrne is a 12 year old boy from Dublin who has created a terrific history resource site for kids. I’m always delighted to see kids that go that extra mile in their pursuit of education so I was only too happy to help out when Stephen wrote to me and asked if I could share his website so that other children may benefit from the work that he has done.

Stephen started working on this website as part of a project to help him understand more about history. The rest… pardon the pun… is history. You can read more about his story here.

Screenshot (1)

With the help of his father, Stephen has put in a tremendous amount of work into his website. It is still a work in progress and he is continues to add to it on a regular basis. I hope you will support him and encourage him in his endeavour by visiting his website with your children – don’t worry, it’s free.


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