Right Brain Education Activities for Photographic Memory Development

Photographic Memory

The ability to remember information or visual images in great detail.

In Right Brain Education practice, there are several activities practiced to help develop photographic memory function. We have written about some of these activities previously and you can read about them here:

Below are some more activities you can use as part of your home practice…

Photo Memory Games

1. Spot the Difference

Using a spot the difference worksheet, show your child the first picture for a period of time. Then show your child the second picture and ask her to circle the differences from the first picture. You can download free spot the difference worksheets from these sites:

Or you can purchase spot the difference workbooks.

2. Photo Memory Game – Create the Picture

Alternatively, you can make your own photo memory game. Just use a background image and stick pictured objects onto the background at random. Show the image to your child and ask him to recreate the image on his own background card. Gingerwinkle has a number of these kits you can purchase if you don’t want to make them yourself. Another alternative is to purchase kits from Imaginetics.

3. List the Objects

Select a collection of random objects and show them to your child for a period of time. Remove the objects and ask your child to list all the objects she can remember seeing. Alternatively, you can show your child a picture of random objects and ask him to list what he saw.

Colour Memory Games

1. Colour Memory Kit

Photographic Memory - Colour memory

This is similar to Mandalas in the sense that the image is like a mandala. The difference is that your child has to recreate the pattern using shapes.

2. Colour Memory Blocks

You can also play this game using building blocks. If you already have a set of coloured wooden blocks you don’t have to get the kit. You can create a pattern and show it to your child. Remove the pattern you created and ask your child to recreate your pattern from memory.

Flash Memory Games

1. Memory Magic SuperFlash

You can use the Memory Magic game for this. A series of images will be flashed on the screen. After that, your child will be shown a screen with lots of images. She will have to select all the images that she recalls seeing during the initial image flash.

2. Flash Cards

Show your child a series of flash cards then ask him to repeat what he saw.

More about photographic memory development:

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