Right Brain Education: Extra Sensorial Perception (ESP) or Intuition

Right Brain KidsESP has always been one of the subjects in right brain education that raises a lot of skepticism. Makoto Shichida has made numerous references to it and in class, both Heguru and Shichida lessons contain activities that are intended to train this ability.

The following is an excerpt from a TweedleWink newsletter from Right Brain Kids which talks about ESP (extra-sensorial perception), or intuition:

Maria Montessori called this “the inner teacher.” And although we do not teach ESP games, we believe that it is naturally present in children. Their right brain pathways are sensitive and open. The right side of the brain receives images through wave frequencies – light, sound, magnetism, thought and emotion.

Everything has a frequency. Even words have a vibration and send energetic, electrical information outward – forming a colour/shape in space as well as a feeling. Students who are blind, deaf, or even autistic depend on their frequency intake in order to learn more about the world around them. Emerging right-brain children use these senses as a way of life.

Children with this heightened awareness often say that sounds have a shape, a colour and even a weight to them. They see or feel sound. They learn through creative absorption, not force.

Consider for a moment that information jumps from synapse to synapse as an electrical current. It’s electrical! And when we teach with passion, the information we impart to the students is enhanced by strong signals from our thought waves and heart rhythms. They get excited, too – and actually understand more.

Because of this, Pamela Hickein says it is important to stay positive around your children because your thoughts and feelings affect the frequency of your child’s classroom and home. In fact they are a vital part of it.

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