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Right Brain KidsWink is a Right Brain Education Program from Right Brain Kids. There are two parts to the Wink Program at Right Brain Kids – the Wink eCourse and the Wink Kit. The Wink Kit is great for parents who are interested in developing their children’s right brain and have no access to a right brain school and for parents who want to reinforce their children’s right brain education with further home practice. The Wink eCourse will teach you everything you need to know about implementing a Right Brain Education program at home.

What is the Wink Program?

Wink is a Right Brain Education program for older children, gifted children, special needs children, and adults. It was developed by Right Brain Kids and is principally designed to prepare children for manifesting photographic memory, speed reading and similarly recognized “right-brain” abilities. It is available from Right Brain Kids as a Kit and as a course.

There are seven different areas — or steps — of Wink. They are:

Step 1: Alpha Relaxation for achieving the alpha brain wave state
Step 2: Eye Exercises for conscious, selective attention focus
Step 3: PhotoEyeplay for photographic image recall training
Step 4: Mental Imaging for conscious, vivid imagination exercises
Step 5: Memory Linking for memorization of strings of data or bits of information
Step 6: Observation Training for noticing details and subtle characteristics
Step 7: Photographic Memory and Speed Reading for manifesting right brain genius and intelligence

It is not necessary to follow them in this order, however, alpha relaxation exercises should always be the first step because it helps you and your child let go of rational thoughts and shift from a predominantly beta wave brain state to an alpha wave brain state where relaxed, intuitive learning and soaking-up of information can occur.

Eye Exercises develop our ability to selectively focus our attention narrow or wide (as a preparation technique for Speed Reading when you can very quickly scan a page).

PhotoEyeplay exercises develop our ability to “after-image” — to vividly see an object even after it is no longer physically in front of us (as a preparation technique for Photographic Memory for vivid, picture-like memory recall).

Mental Imaging exercises develop our ability to consciously and purposely direct our imagination to clearly see places, events, circumstances or hypothetical situations in our minds’s eye alone before (or without) physical manifestation.

Observation Training exercises develop our ability to make deep and accurate observations of pictures, visual scenes or events and recall any countless number of characteristics or details of the picture.

Memory Linking exercises develop our ability to link together a long list of items (also called “sequential” memory).

Photographic Memory and Speed Reading is the right-brain ability to see, absorb and remember pages and volumes of reading information. It is the culmination and integration of the previous right brain techniques for a very useful and valuable purpose.

Watch Pamela Hickein’s video on Wink: Right Brain Education Seven Steps Speed Reading Photographic Memory where she talks about the Seven Steps of Wink, and gives a few demonstrations of some of the exercises.

What’s in the Wink Kit?

Step 1: Alpha Relaxation

  • Wink Alpha Relaxation Guided Meditation Audio CD
  • Surfing the Alpha Wave Audio CD

Step 2: Eye Exercises

  • Three printed heavy-duty double-sided cards with six exercises

Step 3: PhotoEyeplay

  • PhotoEyeplay Visual Activation DVD
  • Wink PhotoEyeplay Deluxe Card Set
  • Wink PhotoEyeplay Color Shapes Cards

Step 4: Mental Imaging

  • Mental Imaging DVD

Step 5: Memory Train

  • One set of 300 images on 15 sturdy double-sided cards
  • 20 small color cards of the first 20 images to help with initial training
  • one audio story CD

Step 6: Observation Training

  • Observation Training DVD

Step 7: Photographic Memory and Speed Reading

  • Memory Zoo Cards
  • Color Grids and Blocks
  • Photographic Memory and Speed Reading DVD

Each of these steps can be purchased individually or as an entire set for $219.95. The Wink Kit also comes with an instruction booklet that explains each of the seven steps of right brain education. Alternatively, for a guided course, there is also the Wink Overview Course that teaches you how to maximise your usage of the Wink Kit.

Watch Pamela Hickein’s video on Wink: Right Brain Education Older Children Special Needs.

What’s in the Wink Course?

Wink — Level 1: This overview course is an online home study program. In this course you will learn how to reactivate and keep your child’s right brain pathways engaged for more effective learning. You may also be surprised by how much you can personally benefit from it, too!

In the Wink Overview Course you will learn about the seven key components of whole-brain learning and the seven steps of right brain development (see above).

This is a fun program where you will learn about Right Brain Education using right brain techniques — right from the start. By the time you finish this course, right brain learning will be a habit.

People who might be interested in the Wink Course:

  1. Parents of children ages four and older can see their child soar to great heights using a learning program tailored to the way they function naturally
  2. Customers who have purchased the Wink products and want more interactive instruction before they use them
  3. Teachers who want to learn how to accelerate their students’ overall success
  4. Adults of all ages who want to connect with that creative part of themselves
  5. And by anyone who realizes there is more to themselves — and others — that is totally obtainable and necessary for wholeness

The Wink Course costs $197. It includes six self-paced streaming audio teaching modules, integrated online course workbooks, and email access for course support. Get more information about the Wink Course.

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