Right Brain Education: Speed Play Flash Cards for Little Reader – Bundle 1

In Right Brain Education, Speed Play with flash cards is an important activity not so much for giving knowledge to children but for stimulating the right brain and activating the left brain. Additionally, it also helps to develop the brain’s photographic memory function and to build the connection between the left and right brain – which is important for whole-brain development.

To facilitate the speed play activity for home practice, I have organised my Little Reader flash cards in bundles of 500 flash cards. Each download contains 10 flash cards (unless indicated in the brackets) with images and audio (except for the sight words which contain audio only). This is the first 500. Bookmark this page for more Speed Play Flash Cards Bundles for Little Reader*.

* You will require the Little Reader Software to use these flash cards. If you would like to purchase the Little Reader program, you can use the coupon BKAFF36716 to get 10% off your purchase.

1. Geography

2. Art

3. Vocabulary

4. Entertainment & Literature

5. History

6. Nature

7. Math

8. Sports

9. Science

10. Miscellaneous

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