Right Brain Practice – Getting Started

Right Brain Kids Early Genius Learning Program
Right Brain Education can be practiced at home on your own (if you don’t have access to a right brain education school) or as a supplement to your child’s regular lessons. For guidance, refer back to the Right Brain Education Home Practice Manual as it provides the recommended outline for you to follow in your home sessions.

In this article and the ones to follow, we will be looking in greater depth at each of the activities suggested for Right Brain Education Home Practice.

Getting Started – Relationships First

In the previous newsletters, we have been stressing a lot about the importance of the relationship with your child when it comes to Right Brain Education. This is because your connection with your child is crucial to the success of your home practice. So before you begin home practice, always take some time to reconnect with your child. Even if you have to skip any of the other elements from the home practice guide, don’t skip this one…

Right Brain Home Practice – Preparing Your Child

  1. Hug and Praise your child
  2. Relaxation Exercise
  3. Breathing Exercise

Begin with your child on your lap and the 8 Second Hug. Talk to your child and acknowledge the behaviours you have observed that you have been proud of. For instance, allowing his brother to have a go with a toy first, helping you wipe up a mess, getting ready for school quickly, etc. You can also use this time to use Shichida’s 5 Daily Words of Praise (click the link to read more about it).

Move on to the relaxation exercise. Shichida recommends using energy balls (click the link to read more about it). You can also do some simple movement or stretching exercises.

End with some breathing exercises. Teach your child to breathe deeply – inhale and exhale slowly counting to 5.

More about Right Brain Education – Preparing Your Child.

In between Right Brain Practice, make sure you’re constantly filling your child’s love tank. Read the following article for more:

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