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Right Brain Kids Early Genius Learning ProgramEvery child is born with the potential for greatness. This potential lies in the right brain and the connection between the left and right brain hemispheres. The likelihood of a child realising this potential is dependent on that child being able to access the right brain and to utilise its remarkable abilities in a meaningful way.

Some of the remarkable abilities that the right brain is capable of include photographic memory, speed reading ability, rapid mental calculations, perfect pitch, sports excellence and others. To ensure that our children are able to tap into this potential in later life, we need to help them develop the right brain and to strengthen the communication between the left and right brains.

Did you know that image play is one of the most important exercises for right brain development? In every piece of literature about right brain education, you will find the importance of image practice discussed. According to Shichida, this is because the right brain functions with images. Imaging is an activity that not only benefits children but adults as well. So the next time you give an image exercise to your child, try doing the exercise yourself as well.

One of the fundamental activities taught in right brain schools is imaging. Makoto Shichida believed that imaging is one of the key activities that help to bring out the right brain functions. There are four basic exercises in Imaging Practice:

  • Orange Card Image Training
  • Basic Image
  • Pretend Play
  • Imaginary Story

Read more about them here:

For your home practice, we have a free imaging resource that you can download:

For more resources for Imaging Practice, see:

As always, before starting any Right Brain Education practice, always begin with the preparation exercises for your child.

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